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Echinacea Purpurea has long been used by Native Americans and Europeans as a booster of the immune system, potent preventer of colds and flu, and fighter of infections such as bronchitis, all in one. It was used for snake bite medicine in the west and became very popular. The Germans continued studies on Echinacea and have many proven cases.

Echinacea works with the body's own defense mechanisms, where it bind to cells and prevent pathogens from invading. By protecting cells and preventing their breakdown, it opposes the spread of pathogens and reduces inflammation.

We harvest only three year old plants for roots because the rhizome needs some time to mature. Each year it divides under the ground. New “pups” are cultivated out and replanted to mature for two years.

The root is then washed and cleaned of the soil. It is chopped into ¼ inch pieces, stuffed into jars and covered with a 90% proof alcohol mixture. This jar is stored in the dark and given a shake every couple of days.  Six weeks later it is “decanted” or poured off and strained into 2 oz. dark bottles.